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Q: I received a phone call or a letter in the mail about my claim. Is this real?

A:   In today’s world, you are wise to question the validity of any claim before moving forward. One way to determine if the company or person you’re dealing with is unethical is if they ask you for any money upfront. With a legitimate claim, there is very rarely any reason to require upfront cash to pursue the claim. JD VISTA will never ask you for any upfront money and will advance any out of pocket expenses in establishing your right to the claim. JD VISTA will even retain an attorney at no cost to you when necessary.

Q: What is it from?

A:  We specialize in difficult to find claims. There are many types of unclaimed assets that have a myriad of different sources including but not limited to bank accounts, safe deposit bank contents, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, dividends, uncashed checks, wages, insurance policies, CD’s, trust funds, utility deposits, escrow accounts, and inheritance money to name just a few.

Q: Why wasn't I notified?

A: There is a conflict of interest in many jurisdictions in which the agency charged with notifying potential claimants of their money stand to keep the money if the claimants remain oblivious and unaware of the claims existence. For this reason, great lengths are usually not taken to find people to notify them of their money.

Q: How much does it cost to collect?

A:  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this. It depends on the complexity of the case and the costs that are anticipated in pursuing the claim.  However, unlike other companies, attorneys fees, probate costs, and court expenses are included in our contingency fee.  In addition, many other companies will charge exorbitant fees upfront just for the details of the claim and you are left on your own to try and collect. JD VISTA will collect nothing if the money is not received. Additionally, we will front all the costs  to  pursue the claim in a timely manner.

Q: How long does it take to collect?

A: There are a number of factors that determine collection time. The complexity of the claim, the laws governing when the money can be released, and how long the claim has been outstanding can all affect processing time. It can be as short as a few weeks or as long as one year or more. Your claims manager will continually update you with the status of your claim as information becomes available. JD VISTA is committed to expediting your claim as soon as administratively possible. This only makes sense; JD VISTA will only be paid upon successful collection.

General Questions

Q: Is an attorney required?

A:In some jurisdictions, attorneys are used almost exclusively because a formal motion to the district court is required to pursue the claim. The attorney can also request a Judge’s order to release the money. In other areas, the format and requirements to file a claim are easier and an attorney is not needed. The complexity of the claim could also dictate the need for an attorney. In the event that an attorney is retained, JD VISTA will advance all the expenses and it will not be taken out of your percentage of the claim.

Q: How much experience or success has Asset Recovery had with unclaimed assets?

A:JD VISTA was formed by Mr David Church and we have an experience of over 10 years in Asset recovery and Unclaimed funds. However, the JD VISTA Team who will be instrumental in orchestrating your claim has had decades of experience in the financial sector, the mutual fund industry, and has worked directly with large multi-national banking and lending institutes.

Q: What's next?

A:If you have received a letter or an initial call please contact us ASAP. If you are awaiting paperwork, use the time to study our website or contact your claims manager with any questions.

Upon receiving the initial paperwork, review it and if you are ready to move forward with your claim, complete and send back promptly. JD VISTA will complete the claims process from there.

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