David Church

In another life, David was a high school math teacher and is a proud graduate of Cal Poly Pomona. He began investing in property development projects in 2003 and has completed over 50 success flips in Orange County and surrounding areas. Over the last few years, David has completed 15 projects and is currently the co-president of the South Orange County Real Estate Club that boasts over 1300 members.

David Marmon

An experienced and accomplished web designer and online branding strategist, David Marmon injects years of experience and creativity into every project he touches. He is the visionary behind the JDvista brand. He is a strong believer in collaboration and building a community that shares a vision for the future.

Luana Sarmiento

With more than 20 years of real estate experience, investing is Luana’s true passion. She has a seen it all from short sales popping up at the right time to seeking out the best deals in town. She’s spent time buying up properties at the courthouse steps and enjoys helping investors find the perfect property in which to invest their money.

Barbara Iverson

Barbara Iverson is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, earning a BS in Art. She has lived in New York City, San Francisco and in Los Angeles where she designed commercial interiors and managed wholesale furniture showrooms.

Spencer Vann

Spencer is an experienced real estate agent and investment expert that has curated over $12,000,000 in residential real estate transactions. Vann has one of the fastest growing Instagram accounts related to real estate in the world. He is the CEO and founder of Real Estate Investing Secrets, a real estate education company.

Stephen Iverson

After studying in Paris and earning his Baccalaureate Mathematiques Elementaire, he subsequently earned a B.A. in Economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and an MA in Economics from California State College, Los Angeles. He has an extensive background in Corporate, Commercial and International Banking and Marketing.

Paul Kauffmann

Paul was born and raised in Southern California and still resides there today. After taking a real estate flipping course, Paul jumped right into the real estate industry and has successfully purchased, flipped and sold over 20 properties on both solo projects and in collaboration with investment partners. He has recently begun to take on project management of properties and enjoys seeing a project through to completion.