Experience Produces Profits

Real estate developers come and go, but with over 15 years in the business, JDvista has a proven track record of sourcing and selecting the best investment opportunities for our clients. Whether you are just getting into the property development space and want the help of an expert team to guide your decisions and promote success, or you have been around the block a few times and are ready to ramp up your investment approach, JDvista can help.

We regularly acquire new investment opportunities and share those opportunities with our growing networking of investors and potential investors. We utilize unique investment approaches including crowdsourcing and multi-investors on a single project to bring that project to life. JDvista makes it easy to get started with real estate investment and with our track record, we make it easy to make money too.

Work With JDvista to Get Real Results

JDvista is owned and operated by David Church, an experienced real estate developer and entrepreneur. David’s tenacity and drive to repurpose properties and turn a profit for his clients is second to none. JDvista came about after a nearly 15-year career as an independent real estate investor and David has continued to invest privately in his own projects while building this company into what it is today. Since 2012, JDvista has been focusing on Single Family Residential properties, commercial properties, as well as properties in the hospitality industry. Since then, David has built a team that brings rich real estate experiences to JDvista and more growth is on the horizon.