About Us


My name is David Church
I am the founder of the company

My story began in 2014 when I came across a condo in Southern CA that was foreclosed upon, and there funds leftover that the heirs of the property knew nothing about. This family had no idea of the overage of funds.

Here, at JDVISTA we have discovered that there are thousands of properties that go up for foreclosure every year, and these funds that are suppose to go back to the former owner of the property vapor into thin air, and are never seen again.

We have helped people retriever tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. We never ask for money, once funds are retrieved we will take the agreed percentage. If there are no funds you pay nothing, we don’t get paid either.

How to Claim Foreclosure Overage Funds from Foreclosure & Tax Sales

Sometimes there is money left over from the payments towards the mortgage after foreclosure sales or a Tax Lien Sale. Many people do not know that they can receive surplus property funds after their property is sold in a foreclosure auction. Whenever a property is sold in foreclosure due to an unpaid mortgage loan, the lender is required to return surplus funds to the prior owner after the auction.

Claim Foreclosure Overage Money Under Foreclosure Laws

Foreclosure laws state that the difference of the unpaid loan amount and the current selling price of the foreclosed property should be paid to the defaulter. This has many names, often called surplus funds. We have workers that specialize in collecting surplus funds on our behalf, and access to attorneys if we need them.

The Foreclosed home sold for more than owed

After a foreclosure sale, it is the duty of the trustee to inform the previous owner about refunding any excess amount. We often find that this is not the case. We help homeowners retrieve the funds that belong to them.